Employment information

Sushi Rei is looking for "Itamae" and "Hall Staff". It doesn't matter what your nationality is, let alone your gender. One of our goals “Expanding the possibilities of sushi” We look forward to working with you to take part in that.

We welcome foreigners who want to make sushi. We are also looking for a part-time staff or full-time employees for the hall staff position as well. 「お問い合わせフォーム」よりご連絡ください。

For customers and employees I want this place to be something close to each person.

"I want to be a store that is always close to customers." We are welcoming customers with that in mind. A welcoming place to eat while stretching your shoulders and elbows It's not a place, but a cozy space that is closer to you and that you can enjoy according to your mood.

It's also the same for the staff we work with. Even if you are in the position of training, I want you to enjoy working here, and I think that there are ways of growth that suit each person, so I would like to create a place for training that is close to each and every staff member.

There is only one thing you need to apply. Enthusiasm for "I really want to learn sushi." It doesn't matter what your nationality or experience is, as well as your gender. When it comes to "training in the field," everyone has the same starting line, whether they are out of school or not. "I want to have my own store in the future" "I want to go back to my home country and spread Japanese sushi" …… You can freely set your motives and future goals. I would like to create a place where I can support each dream.

In fact, a Taiwanese international student is currently training at our store. I was introduced to him by a cooking school teacher I knew and I was more than happy to welcome him to our store for further training. At sushi restaurants, there are still few places where international students can work, but with the desire to provide a place where people who want to sushi can gain equal experience regardless of gender or nationality, we also have international students. We are actively hiring. As a result, I think it will lead to the spread of Japanese sushi to the world.

The store itself is still just starting, but I would like to cherish each and every encounter and make it a store that is loved by many customers. So that the staff I work with can think "I'm glad I worked here". And so that the fact that "I trained at Sushi Rei" itself will become a status in the future. Let's draw a dream together to grow into such a store.

Shopkeeper Reoya Nagai

Application Requirements

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*Our shop is a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance when you come to the store.

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