Bringing Japanese sushi and culture to the world

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One of the major themes of my life is “pay it forward." Pay it forward is the idea of ​​paying forward to another person, rather than returning the “pay it forward" that you received from someone in the past.

By using the works of young creators in our store, we believe that creating an opportunity for their works to be touched by as many people as possible is also a “pay it forward” mentality that I strongly believe in.

With the mentality of “pay it forward" in mind, we created a sushi restaurant as a single work together as an avant-garde creator team.

A restaurant where you can tell the name of the artist along with the explanation of the food that will leave you satisfied not only with the taste, but with all five senses stimulated and indulged.

Please enjoy "the moment where the possibilities of sushi amplifies”.

Owner Shuichi Suwa

Japanese "sushi and culture to the world"

Through the marriage of young creators and sushi, we will expand Japan's "sushi and culture to the world."

≪Food x Sake x Glass≫ tripling

Please experience "tripling" that is not a pairing of "food x sake x glass" with a glass that matches each sake.

Price setting that won’t break your bank

We offer the world view of high-class sushi that you can enjoy with a peace of mind and won’t break your bank at an affordable price.

Sushi Rei × Art

What is placed in our shop-from the title of the shop name to water, glasses, tableware, objects, Japanese sake, tea-all directly convey our thoughts to young Japanese creators and sympathize with them. It will be an original order product that you have received and created.

You can buy all the works displayed in the gallery space on the spot, such as water, glasses, painted tableware, and tea ceremony tea ceremony.

Store Guide

Seat information


Street Address Manrakuan Building I B1F, 5-8-11 Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6805-1124
Business Hours
  • Monday-Sunday, Sunday: 17: 00-23: 30 (17: 00 / 17: 30 / 18: 00 / 20: 30 / 20: 45 / 21: 00)
  • Sundays and Public/National Holidays: 15: 00 - 22: 30 (15: 00 / 18: 00 / 20: 30)

*As of February 2021, the last reception is 18:00 on Monday thru Friday, 15:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, and from 12:00 to 18:00 on Sundays and public/national holidays.

Regular Store Holiday on Wednesdays
Access A 2-minute walk from Exit B1 of Omotesando Subway Station to store on Aoyama Kotto Street


*Our shop is a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance when you come to the store.

Please make a reservation by phone or from the link below.


Reception 15: 00 - 21: 00*Excluding regular holidays